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Lanterns Pictures Gallery
The pictures of our beautiful lanterns sent to us by customers
Red Lanterns
Red Asian Lanterns - Vietnamese Red Silk Lanterns
Red Velvet Lanterns
Extra Large Red Velvet Lanterns
Prosperity Lanterns
Prosperity Asian Lanterns - Vietnamese Prosperity Silk Lanterns
Flower Lanterns
Flower lanterns
Pink Lanterns
Pink Asian Lanterns - Vietnamese Pink Silk Lanterns
Hot Pink/Fushsia Lanterns
Hot Pink Silk Lanterns
Yellow Lanterns
Yellow Asian Lanterns - Vietnamese Yellow Silk Lanterns
Asian Green Lanterns
Green Asian Lanterns - Vietnamese Green Silk Lanterns
Rose Purple Lanterns
Rose Purple Asian Lanterns - Vietnamese Rose Purple Silk Lanterns
Ivory Lanterns
Ivory Asian Lanterns - Vietnamese Ivory Silk Lanterns
Royal Gold Lanterns
Royal Gold Lanterns
Burgundy Lanterns
Burgundy Asian Lanterns - Vietnamese Burgundy Silk Lanterns
Red Violet Lanterns
Red Violet Asian Lanterns - Vietnamese Silk Lanterns
Golden Brown Lanterns
Golden Brown Asian Lanterns - Vietnamese Golden Brown Silk Lanterns
Deep Blue Lanterns
Blue Asian Lanterns - Vietnamese Blue Silk Lanterns
Red and Green Lanterns
Red and Green Overtone silk  Asian Lanterns - Vietnamese Red Silk and Green Overtone Silk Lanterns
Turquoise Lanterns
Turquoise Asian Lanterns - Vietnamese Turquoise Silk Lanterns
Sky Blue Lanterns
Sky Blue Asian Lanterns - Vietnamese Sky Blue Silk Lanterns
Teal Lanterns
Up to 15% off
Light Teal Asian Lanterns - Vietnamese Light Teal Silk Lanterns
Lavender Lanterns
Lavender Asian Lanterns - Vietnamese Lavender Silk Lanterns
Mystic Blue
Mystic Blue Silk Lanterns
Citrus Lanterns
Citrus Asian Lanterns - Vietnamese Tropical Citrus Silk Lanterns
Purple Red Lanterns
Purple Red Asian Lanterns - Vietnamese Purple Red Silk Lanterns
White Lanterns
White Asian Lanterns - Vietnamese White Silk Lanterns
Creamy Bronze
Creamy Bronze Silk Lanterns
Terracotta Twist Lanterns
Terracotta Silk Twist
Black Lanterns
Up to 15% off
Black Asian Lanterns - Vietnamese Black Silk Lanterns
Bamboo Lanterns
Bamboo Asian Lanterns - Vietnamese Bamboo Silk Lanterns
Embroidered Lanterns
Up to 10% off
Vietnamese Embroidered Lanterns
Chinese Red Lanterns
Nylon Red Lanterns
Silk Pendant Lighting
Up to 15% off
Asian/Vietnamese Silk Fabric Pendant Light/ Silk hanging lamp
Paper Lanterns
Paper Asian Lanterns - Vietnamese Paper Lanterns
Lantern Lighting Kits
Lighting Kits for Lanterns
Vietnamese Umbrellas
Hand Painted Umbrellas for Home Decor
Water Floating Lanterns
Water Lotus Lanterns
Gift Certificates
Gift Certificates
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Asian art Vietnamese art Vietnam oriental Chinese Saigon Hanoi art artwork arts paintings silk lacquer laquer plates gallery galery dealers  handmade handpainted water puppets
Vietnamese Art - Handmade folk artwork from Vietnam. Embroidery, Ceramic, Lacquer, Water Color and Silk paintings, Lanterns, Dolls, Masks and other exciting artwork all made by hand. Visit us at We practice fair trade and are proud to be the official member of the Fair Trade Organization.
asian silk fans oriental silk hand fan vietnamese wall asian oriental vietnamese silk hanging wall fan Vietnamese Silk Fans Japanese and Chinese silk fans Flower Silk Fans, Transparent Silk
Asian Silk Hand Fans - Fans, Fans and Fans!!! We carry beautiful hand made silk hand fans with different styles and materials from Vietnam, China and Japan. Our silk fans are all hand made and hand painted. They are delicate and truly beautiful.

Specializing in Asian lanterns since 2002 and located in Madison, Wisconsin is quickly becoming the number one online Asian silk lanterns supplier in the US. All lanterns are hand made by our company, Asia2you. They are available to ship immediately from Madison, Wisconsin. We also carry optional lantern lighting kits.

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Extra Large: Diamond   Round   Garlic   Teardrop  
Double Extra Large: Round   Garlic   Elongated  

We are proud to offer only the highest quality Vietnamese silk lanterns and offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee policy or we will refund the purchase price. Since we are located in the United States and ship all orders in 1-2 business days you can rest assured you will receive your Asian lantern order as quickly as possible.

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